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sw: 132lbs
stgw: 119lbs
cw: 112lbs
gw: 108lbs

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Anonymous asked : I lost about 15kg in the past and was about 57kg. However I have gained all the weight back and now feel so ashamed. I've lost a lot of motivation to try and start losing weight again..

I’ve been there dear.

I went from 55 to 62 down to 49 then up to 60 and now, I haven’t weighed myself because I’m afraid of what the scales might show.

But being honest, it’s nice not knowing. I haven’t weighed myself since the beginning of the year and as a result, I’ve really paid attention to the changes my body has made since I started working out again.

I’m just going to tell you this: don’t give up. Moving past your insecurities, your fears… it’s all like trekking up a muddy mountain. Each foot you take forward, you’ll slide back… whether it may be a whole meter or maybe a tad bit. But if you keep trying, you’ll get there. Persistence and perseverance, be as resilient as you can and you’ll learn to love that quality about yourself. 

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Me playing the Kardashian game. 


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